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IS TROPICALLondon’s IS TROPICAL recently released their summer-esque, refreshing, and sensational record I’m Leaving. The album is slightly electronic yet full of life with pop melodies and hook-laden choruses. To find out what’s been keeping the band busy since the album’s release, AMBY spoke to IS TROPICAL about their crazy video for Dancing Anymore, how they “did drugs with Cher”, and bands they love!

AMBY: Hello IS TROPICAL! What’s the band been up to lately?

IS TROPICAL: We’re just on a ferry coming back from a few dates in France, Germany and Switzerland. It’s good to get back on the road and play the new tracks now that album 2 is out and people have heard it.

AMBY: You recently released your great record I’m Leaving! Which songs are your favourite off it?

IS TROPICAL: It changes all the time. Yellow Teeth & Dancing Anymore are definitely stand out tracks and they also are quite different. Live Cry can be fun because of the energy in the song.

AMBY: Our favourite song off the album is Sun Sun. What’s the story behind the track?

IS TROPICAL: I wanted to write a Johnathan Richmand type track, singing about ice cream, old master painters and sex in the same tune. But then also have a very British Kinks/Coral bounce to it. It’s the only song on the album that doesn’t have a deep dark undertone…

AMBY: The video for Dancing Anymore is pretty crazy! Many of our readers are wondering, what was the inspiration behind such a unique video?

IS TROPICAL: Megaforce also did our Greeks video. We loved what they had done in the past, so on both tracks gave them 100% free artistic creativity. It’s stupid that people get upset at that because it’s just what happens in the imagination of kids, the type of imagination that gets taught out of you.

AMBY: What’s the best moment you’ve had as a band so far?

IS TROPICAL: Our trip to Mongolia was the best week of our lives. It’s just another world and for us to thane the possibility to tour there was crazy. We find when we make an effort to travel to countries that normally don’t get bands visiting, the crowd make an effort.

AMBY: Where did the name IS TROPICAL come from?

IS TROPICAL: It was escapism for our cold, damp, London life. We wrote our first song about Berlin or the South Pacific to detach ourselves from the cold squats we lived in. The ‘Is’ part is from our Scouse friend that would always be live ‘is right, is shit, is crap’.

AMBY: It’s been a while since the release of your first album Native To. What are your feelings on it now that you’ve had some time to reflect on it?

IS TROPICAL: It was what it was. We went into the first album without a clue how to record and just pieced things together. It was writing around playing live so they were hi tempo and live. We then released a 4 track EP called ‘FLAGS’ that helped us express our electronic side before entering the studio for album 2. I think it dawn on us that we were singers and should focus on the vocals more, were as the first album these were left to the last minute. It’s great to have the first album under our belt and be able to move forward.

AMBY: If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would you play and who would you tour with?

IS TROPICAL: We would love to tour South America with friends like Crystal Fighters or TEETH! But if we could jump on support for The Strokes that would be awesome.

AMBY: Who are the last bands or artists you listened to?

IS TROPICAL: DIIV, Arthur Beatice, Breton, Zoetropë, Boston Bun, Poolside…

AMBY: What’s your favourite release of the year, so far?

IS TROPICAL: Got to be Daft Punk and Julian Casablancas collaboration, the vocal melody is perfect.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about IS TROPICAL that nobody knows yet?

IS TROPICAL: That we once did drugs with Cher.


Thank you IS TROPICAL, for giving us your answers!

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