Getting Cozy With… Greta Mob!

Greta MobGreta Mob like to tell stories.

For example in our song Goliath Was a Numbers Man, David and Goliath are having a post fight martini together in a Las Vegas casino high rollers bar. When David complains that he is low on cash, Goliath says “Don’t worry Dave, tonight the drinks are on me, because that fight we had son, it paid substantially” Goliath had bet $400 on David to win at 50 to 1 with a local Vegas bookmaker. David, shocked and embarrassed at the realisation that he, the triumphant young victor adored by the christian masses and ordained by God was not the victorious giant slayer after all. David then assured Goliath that God would have “its” vengeance. Goliath would be punished for his un-just and sinful crimes.

Without giving away too much, it all ends quite badly for David and Goliath. Goliath is gang raped by Hells Angels summoned by Neil Young himself, while David is beheaded by Billy “the Kid” Hicks on an undead horse he bought along with a 1930’s depression era Martin acoustic from Bob Dylan while working at his father’s bakery in the mexican province of Durango.

Patti Smith saves the day, riding with the Kelly Gang, the irish revolutionaries from Greta in South-East Australia, she one by one castrates each of the Hells Angels and sends them back to hell as mortals. Clipped of their wings and their manhood, they slave for the beast until the end of time. It was later discovered that members of the seminal Canadian corporate rockers, Nickelback were among the Angels castrated by the great poet along with members of Coldplay, Alex is on Fire and Simple Plan.

Patti, PJ Harvey, Bill Hicks, Neil Young, The Kelly Gang, William Burroughs and Hunter S Thompson then all de-camp to engage in a celebratory feast at Robert Johnson’s beach house on the Gold Coast (a surf beach in Australia).

So the moral of the story, is to know which side you’re on. Sometimes the angels kiss the devil, but the devil sings the song…


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