Gimme Your Answers: A Video Interview w/ Family Of The Year

Family of the YearSome bands we come across are impossible to forget, impossible to stop listening to, and impossible to not love. Los Angeles’ Family Of The Year is a perfect example of this type of band. We had the pleasure of interviewing FOTY’s Christina Schroeter back in May, so I was thrilled when I received news that AMBY was to interview them in-person. Back in May we were just getting familiar with their latest record Loma Vista, and now this album is one of our favourites. A few days before their unbelievable show in Toronto at Downsview Park, I was lucky enough to sit down with Joe Keefe and Christina Schroeter from Family of the Year. So have a look as we spoke about tour highlights, getting psychedelic, and time machines!

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Alicia Atout

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