You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Youth”

DaughterYouth by Daughter

Before I begin talking about my love for this song and band I must first explain a few thing. I am not usually a fan of indie artists that have female singers. This is in no way a sexist view; I can only put this down to hearing one of my least favourite bands, Florence and The Machine, on repeat for the whole of 2009. So as I sit here writing this review of how much I LOVE this song I have to admit that I am still surprised with myself, almost in a state of shock.

I had never heard of Daughter when I found the song ‘Youth’ on YouTube. I could easily have ignored the video in my suggestions box, but by the off chance I decided to watch it. How lucky I am that I chose to do so.

The song begins beautifully with lead singer and guitarist Elena Tonra’s playing setting the tone amazingly for the rest of the song.  She has one of the softest yet most powerful voices I have ever heard. Everything about her vocal performance- lyrically, dynamically, melodically- is spot on.  Admittedly this song does not have a hook, but in no way does it need one. The thing that continuously brings me back to listening to this song is the atmosphere it manages to create during the four minutes and twenty-one seconds it runs for. I have listened to this song a dozen or so times now and every single time I have gotten shivers. The quite parts of this song are beautiful whilst the powerful parts are captivating. The two contrasting guitar parts make for a unique feel to the song that perfectly complements Tonra’s faultless singing voice.  The drums throughout this song are brilliantly played, with rolling toms creating an almost eerie presence during the chorus.

I was surprised to learn that Daughter do not have a bassist because the song was so powerful and full. The lack of bass player in the band is worked to their advantage and what the band has at the moment is the perfect formula for creating atmospheric songs.

As a song it has an amazing ability to draw you in and become encapsulated in its dynamics. The contrast between loud, powerful playing and haunting melodies is perfectly executed.

This song is MADE for intimate club shows and even though wouldn’t go amiss at large festivals my personal opinion is that this is a song that would make you stand still in awe rather than go crazy at.

Daughter have made me realize that you should NEVER ignore a song on the presumption that you wouldn’t like it. I didn’t in this case and I am so happy for it! ‘Youth’ is one of the best songs that I have heard this year and Daughter are one of the most exciting bands I have heard for months!

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Matt Thomas // @MattThomasWxm

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