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Lost ZoydHey all, this is Adam Jansch, aka Lost Zoyd, coming to you from Bristol in the UK. Thanks for having a listen to my track! If you like it then there’s a whole EP to experience, called Threshold, available on BandCamp. Give it a try!

If you recognise that last name, yes, I’m son of guitarist Bert Jansch; though, as you can hear from my track our musical styles are quite different. While I’ve been playing bass guitar for almost 20 years, my creative heart lies in the studio, with the mainstream outlet of that being Lost Zoyd.

I’ve come back to Lost Zoyd after the debut release in 2007 (called Death/Rebirth, which is my attempt at writing The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway) having spent a few years out doing my PhD (for sure interesting, check out my previous iPhone release Futures EP for a flavour).

Among a bevy of creative projects I’ll be starting work on a full-length Lost Zoyd release soon, so keep your eyes and ears out. The style may evolve, but it’ll for sure be straight-up English.


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