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Adam WeddHello my name is Adam Wedd and I’m a song writing singer. I love writing songs about the people I meet and the community in which I’m part of.

2013 has been an amazing start to year for me with the music. Mainly because  I’ve taken a few calculated risks! A friend once said to me life’s not just about taking care, it’s about taking risks.

Since stepping out and inviting people to pledge towards recording of my EP my songs have been featured on national radio as well as reaching #3 in the national student radio chart- which is nice!

So if you’re going to listen to my music, maybe I should give something away of myself too. Here are some interesting random facts about me and my music career thus far.

1)      I once did a bungee jump from a crane into a swimming pool

2)      My music seems to make people cry.

3)      Ed Sheeran famously makes a cameo in one of my videos on YouTube

4)      My dad saved me from being called Leroy. Great name, not for a blonde man

5)      I love coffee, cooking , chess , conversation and alliteration

6)      I’ve recorded a few songs at the home of Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi

7)      I often start sentences and don’t finish them and I once got an award for this.

8)      Bastille’s drummer Chris ‘Woody’ Wood is playing on a few of my old school tracks. All available for free download at

9)      I used to get called Wedrikson when playing basketball at school.


My first ever EP has just been released via my own label ‘Pensive Pop’ and is available on CD and Vinyl from  or from iTunes, Amazon etc.

When I perform live I often range from having a double bassist, cellist, pianist and percussionist to playing solo.

If you’re on twitter, I am too. I’m trying to get my tweets down to 1 a day. I can stop anytime, I promise!


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