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Patrick MorrisseyHi, A Music Blog, Yea?!

I’m Patrick Morrissey, bassist for the small-town turned big-city pop collective First Rate People. I’m lucky enough to play in this fantastic band with a lot of my favourite musicians, like LUM, Merival, Loko, and Jon Lawless. It’s a pretty imposing bunch to be in but it’s also super motivating. It makes you work to keep up your own solo-project game in the midst of all that constant creativity.

My personal influences are pretty wide ranging. I absolutely love the Pogues, the early Smashing Pumpkins records, and the National. I’m also just way too into Calvin Harris right now. Generally I’m a bit of a sucker for epic, sweeping stuff that can ride the line of being cheesy but somehow recognizes it.

When I write music, I absolutely love making it with anyone who will collaborate. Just messing around with cool sounds and cool people is the best.

Currently, I’ve just moved to Toronto with the rest of First Rate People. We’re trying to make our album perfect and get our live show polished up. I’m also working on a ton of solo music in my spare time, which I’m really excited about! Anyway, it was nice to meet you AMBY readers! Thanks a ton to the good people who run this blog!

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