Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Naymedici

Naymedici BannerDescribed ‘like a bar room brawl between The Pogues and Gogol Bordello’ with their mix of Gypsy, Irish, Folk music Naymedici have been making a name for themselves across the UK and Ireland recently. Fresh back from this year’s Glastonbury Festival AMBY had a chat with Josh McClurg to find out more.

AMBY: Naymedici, introduce yourselves!

JM:  Hi, we’re Naymedici from Manchester, and we play a mixture of Balkan and Irish Music. I play acoustic, Mike, plays lead, Hilly’s on the Bass, Ronnie on the drums and Bob plays the fiddle.

AMBY: Naymedici is an interesting name what’s the story behind it?

JM:  We thought Naygorshwin would be a stupid name, so we went with Naymedici.

AMBY: For anyone not yet familiar with your music how would you describe your sound?

JM:  We played a gig in De Barras in West Cork the other week, and they described us as ‘like a bar room brawl between The Pogues and Gogol Bordello‘. We think that sums it up pretty well to be honest!

AMBY: I hear you’ve just moved across the water to Ireland, what was the reason behind this move and how are things going?

JM:  We’d been touring in Ireland a couple of times before, and all individually fell in love with the lifestyle and the people over here. When we decided to come over, we bought a van, packed our stuff and got the ferry across. We spent a couple of weeks on people’s floors whilst we were looking for somewhere to live, but have managed to find a house near the beach, in a lovely place called Harbour View. Things are going well so far, we’re gigging every week and are doing our best to get by!

AMBY: What’s next in the agenda for Naymedici?

JM:  We’ve got a few festivals coming up in the UK, so will be back over for most of July for a bit of a tour. After that it’ll be back to Ireland, and we’ll be looking to book as many gigs as possible. We’ve also got an EP that is ready and waiting to be released within the next couple of months.

AMBY: Who influences you as a band?

JM:  We’re all big fans of The Pogues, The Dubliners, and Gogol Bordello. We also like Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Arctic Monkeys, and Desmond Dekker.

AMBY: What artists have you been listening to lately?

JM:  Lancashire Hotpots have just released a new album, so we’ve been hammering the singles off that. Also, we saw the Arctic Monkeys set at Glastonbury and were blown away by it!

AMBY: Outside of music what do you guys get up to for fun?

JM:  Since moving to Ireland, we’ve all started horse riding. Hopefully soon enough we’ll be jumping fences!

AMBY: Who would you most and least like to be stuck in an elevator with?

JM:  Most like to be stuck in an elevator with Ste Dobb. Least like to be stuck in an elevator with George Osbourne.

AMBY: Last, but never least tell AMBY something about you no one else knows.

JM:  We all love singing along to a bit of Sinatra!

Naymedici have a pretty jam packed summer ahead of them with gigs across the UK and Ireland including appearances at both Kendall Calling and Y Not Festival. Full listings available from Facebook.

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