Getting Cozy With… The Winter Kind!

The Winter KindHalf of The Winter Kind is a mess that spreads out over my dining table. A laptop sits at its centre with a confusion of wires feeding it with power and signals. The brains of the operation. To its left is a keyboard sitting on an old bath towel to protect the table from scratches. I can really only play keys with my right hand so I’m not sure of the thought process that placed it there on the left. Between it and the laptop are an assortment of guitar picks, a small screwdriver, a couple of capo’s, a set of Allen keys, an old e-Bow, and a drink coaster without its usual coffee cup companion.

On the right is an effects unit that makes all types of cool echo and space sounds. On top of that an audio interface links the digital with the not-so-digital; a colourful assortment of guitar effects pedals strewn on the floor, another nest of wires that the new pet rabbit has taken to chewing, and three guitars on stands in the corner of the room.

Behind me is a window. That’s where the rest of the World is.

My name is Nick Love, the other half of The Winter Kind. A part-time, and sometimes reluctant musician living in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The Winter Kind project began in January 2013 as an outlet for the various musical ideas that pop into my head most mornings. Most are forgotten, some get hummed into a voice recorder for later, and a smaller number actually get to a point where other people hear them. I’m not sure where my music fits in the genre spectrum. I generally ask people to listen to it and decide for themselves. If you can imagine a fusion of David Sylvian, The Cure, Leonard Cohen, Joy Division, Mark Hollis, Cocteau Twins, Erik Satie, some beach sand and a dose of Aussie smart ass, you’d be getting close to the sound. You may even like it. I hope you do.

Hello to you. Thank you AMBY. Hope to see you through the window.

PS: The Winter Kind’s debut EP should be available towards the end of 2013. Working on it.


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