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VenturesHello all! We are Ventures, we are a passionate 3-piece alternative rock band, writing music from past experiences that many people will relate to. We take huge influence from acts such as: Sigur Ros, Biffy Clyro & Band of Horses. We’re new to the scene, forming in February this year and hope we to have a long career ahead of us. We have recently worked hard and quickly to release a 6 track EP called ‘The Crows At Night’. We’re very happy for it to finally be out. These songs are very personal and very meaningful to us, so we appreciate any individual listen and we thank everyone for all the massive amounts of support we’ve received.

The album is a recent and distant story for us from past and present. It’s takes us back in time as much as it transports us back to the very moment. We’ve created it as an ode to our best memories in our lives that have led up to this point, good or bad.

Catch our music online here:

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Many thanks to you all.


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