Concert Review // X&Y Festival in Liverpool

X&Y Festival in Liverpool: a two day event that showcases the many up and coming bands from all over the country.The first day of X&Y Festival kicks off on a sunny Liverpool afternoon. The day consisted of bands taking over the o2 academy, both upstairs and downstairs stages being rocked by some seriously talented bands. Dog Is Dead, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Run Tiger Run, Deaf Club, I could be here for some time if I mention every single fantastic band that was part of this years line up!

On to the second day and the newly opened East Village Arts Club is the venue, a place I’ve only visited a couple of times but is quickly becoming a firm favourite of mine. This intimate venue has been host to some big names like Deap Vally and Kate Nash, also some great local talent has graced the East Village Arts Club stage.

Arriving at the venue I was greeted by the sight of Broken Hands midway through an impressive set, these were quickly followed by a great band from Cheltenham called Young Kato. Each song of theirs packing an energetic punch but my favourite song was most definitely a tune called Drink, Dance, Play. Although I wasn’t familiar with the song before they started playing, by the end of it they had me singing along, it’s a seriously catchy song!

As great as those bands were the band I’m really here for are the headliners: The Thespians. I honestly can’t remember when I first heard about The Thespians, but when I did first listen to them I remember thinking these guys are just awesome! I have to see them live. Several months later and I’m here witnessing a band that deserve every bit of recognition and praise they ever receive. MTV New York were incredibly correct when they described The Thespians as “The next massive garage band…the UK’s answer to The Strokes…they’re just fuckin’ cool” With that last sentence they pretty much took the words right out of my mouth.

Walking onstage, each band member clad in black they kicked off their setlist with a rousing performance of Under Siege, since I got into the band I had decided that Under Siege was my favourite song…well that was until I heard their latest song Adored. The song has such energy and incredible riffs, you honestly can’t help but sing along with them “I I I wanna be adored”. The rest of the gig went by far too quickly, every single person in the crowd (I was surprised at the small amount of people there, for a band this great more people should of turned out) didn’t want them to stop playing. Familiar songs like The Crash and Reason to Reason are interspersed with a few songs that may not be familiar to some people but were greeted with great enthusiasm. Before I knew it, it was all over. They had finished their setlist and like everybody else at that gig, I was left wanting more. More energetic, riff laden, electrifying songs please guys. Basically what I’m saying is keep up the awesome work!

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