Getting Cozy With… Mwahaha!

MwahahaOur core members have been making and performing music together for over 10 years. 2010 was a pivotal point in our sound that led us to give our whole project an upgrade and new name. We also brought in our buddy James Murphy (not of LCD relation) to help us out in the percussion department. Hoarding new and old gear including analog synths and drum machines provided us with a new palette of sonic options to work with resulting in the future/ retro sound that is Mwahaha. Our music may bring to mind the experimental rock of the 70’s as well as the glitchy electronic music out there in the present day. Since the release of our first Mwahaha album we’ve gotten some great responses from fans and press. We’re happy that the album we set out to make was received as intended, which is to have a sonic appeal that would catch the impatient ear’s attention but really reward those who stick it for the layers of sound and song writing. This is an album that gets better every time you hear it.


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Alicia Atout

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