Getting Cozy With… ARGY-RAKIS!

Argy RakisHey, we’re a mixed bag for the making of “Songs from the End of Time”, the debut album from ARGY~RAKIS and the Dirty Band of Mexicans. ArgyRakis, the singer/songwriter, grew up on the south coast of NSW, Australia, and the Dirty Band of Mexicans, well they’re from Mexico funny enough. Mexico City to be precise. ArgyRakis with strong influences coming from the the folk rock story telling of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Paul Kelly, took his material to some good friends in Mexico for production.

“Let it Go”, the first single from the album begins with raspy vocals balancing on top of a hypnotic baseline and building drum beat, before the band fully kicks in and blazes with an epic guitar solo to stamp on the lyric, “….You gotta Let it Go to Rock and Roll, you gotta let it go….”

“Songs from the End of Time” is available on iTunes or visit


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