Getting Cozy With… Belladonic Haze!

Belladonic HazeHi there AMBY readers!

We’re Belladonic Haze, a five piece rock band hailing from Leeds, UK. Musically, we’re quite eclectic, and by that I mean we don’t like to just play heavy songs, or just play poppy songs. We like to give our listeners a bit of variety. So we might be breaking strings and shouting down the mic one minute, then giving you a piano ballad the next. But whatever we do, we aim to entertain! We self released our debut album last year, which can be heard on YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook etc, and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and we are currently recording our second album, which we hope will be available this year! You can check out some live videos on YouTube and keep up to date via our Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for listening!

The Belladonic Haze boys!!!


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