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Rebecca ZoeHello.  I’m Rebecca Zoe, I live in London and I like to sing and make up songs on my guitar or my piano.  I’ve just released my first EP, Forget Me Not, which is a simple and sweet little acoustic thing perfect for rainy Sunday afternoons or lying on the grass in the sun.

My music definitely has its roots in the folk and old school rock I grew up on, sitting in the front room of our family home listening to my parents’ old vinyl; Joni, Bob, early Beatles.  Then there was classical singing training and an obsession with musical theatre.  Then my sister played me Ryan Adams and Jeff Buckley for the first time and I started trying to write my own songs.  I love every little corner and layer of music.  And I lovelovelove to tell stories.  So that’s what I try to do, and I hope you like it!

I’ve been gigging around town for the past year or so, and I was lucky enough to open for NY artist Charlene Kaye in London last summer.  I also managed somehow to get myself a gig at The Mint in LA, where some of my favourite people have played.  So it’s been a good year!

I would love to make the next one even better, so please get involved!  Come say hi on Twitter or come to a show and hang out.  I’m currently getting songs ready for my next EP and starting to get my band together.  I’d really like to start making some noise…


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