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No Middle NameHello A Music Blog, Yea? Readers!

This is No Middle Name from the UK and I would like to introduce my sound to you if you will kindly lend me your indie loving ears!

A year and a half ago I met a guy at a party who asked me to make a ‘solo’ record for his Label (I’m in a band called The Title Sequence also) I gladly accepted and disappeared into a studio for 7 weeks and emerged with a 12 track Lo-Fi Dream Pop album (not the album the label were expecting) Luckily for me they loved it, and so No Middle Name was created!

My first single is called ‘Another Season’ it has been described as lush dream pop “One for the daydreamers, fans of Galaxy 500 and Mercury Rev” which I can’t argue with.

I had an animation in mind for the single, but with no money to commission someone, I was giving a program by a friend, bought a budget scanner, got a pad of paper and had a go myself.

Hope you enjoy the results! (don’t expect Pixar)

The single is out July 8th on Mollusc Records, followed by the album on Vinyl and Download

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Yours truly

David (No Middle Name) Bailey x


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