Getting Cozy With… Peacock Affect!

Peacock AffectDear everyone who is reading this.

I’m George Holman, the man behind Peacock Affect. Although originally this was supposed to be the name of the band I was starting, I soon dropped that idea to go at it alone.

I’m seventeen; I live in Exeter/ England and have only been at this project for around 7 months.

My songs aren’t ones to dance to; they are all about my experiences and feelings, its emotional guitar music for the heavy hearted.


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Alicia Atout

4 thoughts on “Getting Cozy With… Peacock Affect!

  1. I am really speechless….each tone is like a drop in a sea of sorrow but, at the very same time,a sea of light…..
    If you need a bass player call me!!! :-)

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