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So, the Soundclash music festival happened, and the waterfront never sounded better. Soundclash, a annual festival celebrating Canadian music, offers up-and-coming Toronto-based musicians an opportunity to share their music with perhaps not hard core music fans, but music lovers nonetheless. AMBY had the pleasure of interviewing several of the bands, KASHKA, Grounders, and The Thing Is, who are among those competing for $10,000 worth of prizes. The winners will be chosen on the harbourfront website, which viewers may enter to vote for their favourite band (

Interview with Grounders members Daniel Busheikin [electronics] and Michael Searle [bass].

AMBY: So, what’s the band been up to lately?

GROUNDERS: [Daniel Busheikin] Well we just came back from touring. We were on the road from June 12 to a few days ago.

AMBY: Anything new coming up that you’d like readers to know about?

GROUNDERS: [Busheikin] We have a new full album coming out this year, late winter/early spring. So they should check that out.

AMBY: I recall a childhood game played on the jungle gym called grounders. Was this the inspiration behind the name?

GROUNDERS: [Michael Searle] I actually just made it up. I thought it sounded catchy.

AMBY: And I guess you want to choose a name that no one else has chosen before…

GROUNDERS: [Searle] Exactly.

AMBY: Now, I know you’ve worked a bit with Dave Newfeld, producer of Broken Social Scene. What was that like?

GROUNDERS: [Busheikin] He actually only helped us out on a few songs, not the entire album, but it was a great experience working with him. He’s so good at what he does, it was nice to work with someone who understands us.

AMBY: How did that band become “the band”?

GROUNDERS: Well we grew up together in Calgary. Andrew [Davis, lead singer and guitarist] was the most enthusiastic of us, and the rest of us just sort of followed.

AMBY: You’ve been kind of underground for a while, not mainstream. It’s great; keeping listeners hooked, but also frustrating as there are only four songs available to download. Is there a reason you did this?

GROUNDERS: We didn’t do it with any master plan behind it.

AMBY: How would you describe your sound?

GROUNDERS: That’s tough. [Searle] Well a lot of people say Grizzly Bear… [Busheikin] Andrew hates being compared to Grizzly Bear, so don’t put that down.

AMBY: Noted.

GROUNDERS: [Searle] We’ve been described as “bubblegum pop on acid” which is really fun. Another great one is “wannabe psychedelia.” [Busheikin] Our sound is different, not really specific. We wanted to create something new, so we have a lot of different influences among the different members, which kind of comes together to create an individual sound.

AMBY: You’re unconventional.


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