AMBY // One Year Anniversary!

One Year AnniversaryIt’s officially AMBY’s One Year Anniversary! On this day, one whole year ago, I wrote my first AMBY post. It was a three-sentence Lyric of the Day which I believe around 4 people read (if that). That’s when I used to post roughly one article a day. Now, a year later, we’re pumping out articles and interviews like nobody’s business– sometimes posting more than ten features a day. The writing and content is not only longer, but stronger. And I hate to brag, but we have an unbelievably talented team of writers who help make this happen.

This passion I have for music has now gone from a hobby of mine to something I now have the pleasure of working on full-time. I’ve met some incredible people over this past year, worked with some of the world’s most talented artists, and hope AMBY is doing it’s part to help new and upcoming bands.

All I really want to say is thank you. Thanks to our amazing writers, thank you to the managers, publicists, record labels, and bands we’re lucky enough to work with and know, and thank you to our readers. I’m honoured that I have all of you to share AMBY with.

Happy days,

Alicia Atout x

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