Gimme Your Answers: A Video Interview w/ Maximum Hedrum

Maximum HedrumFuture funk music makers Maximum Hedrum (Sam Spiegel, Derrick Green) put on an insanely intense performance at Toronto’s Echo Beach on Canada Day. Off stage, they’re two of the most genuine guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Post-show, their tour manager (Alex Schneiderman of the band Scattered Suns) led me backstage to meet Spiegel and Green. They had just changed out of their black and white checkered suits and were getting ready to enjoy the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s show. I knew the interview with Spiegel would be fun after he offered me a shot of tequila and asked if I’d like to watch the show from side stage (um, yes). Karen O and the rest of the band picked up where Maximum Hedrum left off: playing some stellar music for everyone at the beach.

Just before the end of the show, Alex invited us over to Toronto’s Soho House where Spiegel would be DJing. After the set and before leaving for another bar, Spiegel and Green sat down at the venue’s piano. They talked baby-making music, Satan/Seitan, and showed off an impressive handlebar moustache.

Thank you once again, Sam and Derrick, for your hilarious and thoughtful answers; AMBY promises to keep your Illuminati ‘secrets.’

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