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Cannonfist DangerfieldHello all you lovely people of A Music Blog, Yea? … !

I’m Seán, making some sort of Funk under the name Cannonfist Dangerfield. Doing my best to make music to the ‘principles’ of certain genres rather than the ‘sounds’ (which is why, in my opinion, some genres seem to explode then die a quick death…why is there only one type of snare drum used in Trap music?!)

I started music through playing the drums early on; running the spectrum from heavy rock/ metal through blues, jazz and the glory days of early 70’s fusion before finding a home trying to mix the qualities of old funk/ fusion with modern electronic. Hopefully I’m succeeding haha!

Ideally, I’d like to help reintroduce some qualities of my old favourites with modern music. There’s something special about hearing a solid groove laid down then suddenly a soloist steps out of the musical shadows to melt your face off. Absolutely love it!

All of my tracks are free to download on soundcloud, although some will be make unavailable sometime in the next three months to be put on an EP, so gettem while ya can!

As an aside, if you make music yourself and are around on twitter or soundcloud- get in touch! I find it a little bit disheartening to see relatively popular bands/artists on social media who only follow four or five people…I know, and understand, that it’s a perception/ popularity/ ‘how to look cool’ issue for them, but still: there’s so much good music out there, find it!!

Also, Canada: please stop being so cool, you’re taking all my friends away!

Thanks for reading, all the best to you and yours


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