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HardknoxburyTo AMBY Readers, young and old,

Between desire and humanity lies a very special zone. That zone is the Danger Zone. We are Hardknoxbury, and we are the Danger Zone (Physical address: the Seacoast, New Hampshire.) We are sharing our latest album, Oh My Aching Head, with the world after an extensive year long journey through the record production process, but in truth, making a record like this requires a life time of experiences. To sum it up, we’d like to give you some numbers. During production of this album:

We consumed roughly 1,000 Miller High Lifes

We watched roughly 25 Historical WWF Pay Per View Events

Ate over a dozen pizzas (Shout out to Epping House of Pizza)

Watched Wayne’s World at least 5 times

Traveled over 30,000 km in Minecraft….BY BOAT

Lost over 25 games of the original Mario Brothers (So many dead Marios. The Horror!)

Grilled over 200 pounds of meat

Drank no Bud Light Lime. That stuff sucks.

Lit at least 1 pack of Wolf Pack Fire Crackers

And won a handful of games of Rock Paper Scissors

So, as you can see, the album production process is a busy one. You may notice that none of these statistics have anything to do with music making. You’re wrong! Because music comes from living life to the fullest. Music comes from experience. Become a Hardknoxburian. Experience “Oh My Aching Head” Today!


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