Getting Cozy With… Harper!

HARPERHello! We are Harper, a four piece Blues Rock/Alternative rock band from the outskirts of London. It’s a pleasure to be here, nice to meet you! The band: Matthew Broadbent – Lead vocals/Guitar Daniel Bhattacharya – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals Jamie Simpson – Bass/Backing Vocals Toby Thacker – Drums Recently we released our debut e.p, “Drawing Blood Blues”, which is available to listen/download for FREE from our BandCamp page. The E.P was written by us, and was produced by our good friend JB Pilon. Right now we’re in the process of writing some more songs and playing some more live shows, which adds a whole new aspect to the band. It’s loud, it’s energetic, and ultimately it’s rock music. Without sounding pretentious, you can decide who or what we sound like – As long as you like what you hear. Again, it’s such a pleasure it is to be here, and if you like us, please get in touch eh?!


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