Getting Cozy With… A Cartoon Graveyard!

A Cartoon GraveyardPicture this. Brisbane, Australia. It’s the dawn of the new millennia. The unsuspecting populations of planet Earth are soon to be decimated by a race of semi-evolved lizard-men led by a remorseless leader, Tatsu-San, the mutant giant salamander of Molokai.

Few will be left in the wake of the destruction. Those that remain will turn to a small band of poet troubadours who tirelessly broadcast their unique brand of garage pop, surf-rock and seventies punk. This sound will rekindle life into the battered souls of the living and ignite an uprising against the reptilian overlords. This band of troubadours will be leaders in what will become known as “The Perpetual Revolution”, an insurgency that will ultimately result in a cosmic utopia.

A Cartoon Graveyard are not that band. We are, however, from Brisbane and we do play garage surf-rock, record our music and make our own film clips. We’d love it if enough people bought our album so we could break even. It’s called “The Men Who Stole Your Horse Are In The Woods With My Friend” and is available on iTunes. It would also be swell if you liked us on facebook, viewed our clip on youtube and followed us on twitter.


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Alicia Atout

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