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We’re RCRDS (pronounced records), a duo from the Washington DC area. We’re currently in the process of moving to Chicago. It’s hard to pin down what genre we represent and honestly, we don’t really like to limit ourselves to one, since we like to play around with different styles like electronic to post punk, hip hop, shoegaze, etc.. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. People should formulate their own opinions about our music, that shouldn’t be our job.

Both of us grew up in the DC area and played in various bands while in high school. It wasn’t until the summer after our senior year that we started to release music together and play shows seriously. Recently we haven’t played any shows on account of us being in two different cities, but we have been stocking up material this whole year.

Right now we are in the process of releasing some old material that didn’t make it on our debut EP, Summer Aches, which will be released via our new DC artist collective, Cellr Door. Before the release of Summer Aches EP we will have a Cellar Door compilation with the launch of the artist collective with our buddy Cinocal , who is also from the DC area.

Nice to meet y’all.


Davis Connors and Felipe Valdez


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