Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Emily and The Woods

Emily and The WoodsLondon’s Emily and The Woods are a brilliant band. Emily has a beautifully pure and sweet voice, and when that’s paired together with jangled guitars you’ll feel an instantaneous connection to the music. With the band planning to soon write some new material, AMBY spoke with Emily of Emily and The Woods to talk about naming the seven dwarfs, loving food, and recording in a shed at the bottom of a garden!

AMBY: Hello Emily and The Woods! Thanks for having a chat with AMBY, what have you been up to lately?

Emily and The Woods: Hello! We played a gig last night, which was great fun and we have been recording recently and preparing for our tour, which begins on Monday!

AMBY: How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

Emily and The Woods: Our live sound is… getting louder the more we play together as a band! There’s electric guitars, electric bass, and a big drum kit sound! It’s growing, after starting in a largely acoustic way.

AMBY: You have been working on some new material. What can fans expect and when can they expect it?

Emily and The Woods: We are planning to have some new songs out in the next few months. They are more upbeat than some of my previous songs in some ways, but I think they still retain a very ‘Emily and The Woods’ quality!

AMBY: What’s the story behind your lovely tune Small Song?

Emily and The Woods: That song is almost a load of feelings just said aloud. I can’t embellish more than that… it’s a secret ;) My dad and I recorded that at my family home in the shed at the bottom of the garden, where a lot of our music gets recorded and mixed!

AMBY: What is the most inappropriate thing you have ever said?

Emily and The Woods: Haha… ever?! Wow, I don’t think I can tell that story. That’s far too embarrassing!

AMBY: Which three albums changed your life?

Emily and The Woods: Hejira by Joni Mitchell, Blood on The Tracks by Bob Dylan and Baduizm by Erykah Badu.

AMBY: What have been some of the highlights of your career so far?

Emily and The Woods: Playing at Glastonbury in 2011 was brilliant, and running a monthly night in London (called ‘Because The Night’) and going on tour with my good friends Hot Feet, Sam Brookes and Pete Roe has been a great source of fun and good things in the last year!

AMBY: What’s the funniest thing to happen to you at a gig?

Emily and The Woods: A couple of years ago I was playing a completely acoustic gig on a tiny stage downstairs at a venue, and it was right next to the toilets… someone went off to the loo and because it was so quiet announced to me, and everyone else that he was going to the loo and that he’d dedicate his wee to me! It was very weird.

AMBY: What is your song of the year so far?

Emily and The Woods: I love ‘Hook, Line, Sinker’ by Stornoway or ‘I Am Sold’ by James Blake.

AMBY: What has you excited for the rest of 2013?

Emily and The Woods: I can’t wait to get on the road and do as many gigs as possible – we are having lots of fun playing new songs, so wanting to keep writing too!

AMBY: If you had to describe each member in the band with one word, which word would define them?

Emily and The Woods: Hmmm…. that’s a tricky one… I’m going to say ‘Grumpy’, ‘Sunny’ and ‘Mysterious’. It’s like naming the Seven Dwarfs! You’ll have to guess which name belongs to which!

AMBY: And last but never least, what’s something about Emily and The Woods that nobody knows?

Emily and The Woods: We all love eating fast food. A lot!


Thank you Emily and The Woods, for giving us your answers!

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