Getting Cozy With… Rice Cultivation Society!

Rice Cultivation SocietyHello, we are Rice Cultivation Society. We started out as a a single person, Derek Smith, recording music at home last decade. Feeling alone, Derek split himself asunder and made a band. His spleen, liver, and kneecaps became John Carbone, who plays drums. His inner elbow, eyebrow ridge, and hair became Nick Lee, who plays guitar. His brain, shins, and forearms became Joe Sanders, who plays bass. All that remains of Derek is his appendix, fingernails, turtle shell, and voice, which he uses to sing and play guitar.Why Rice Cultivation Society? We work together to help things grow.

We reside and play on Long Island (which is a beautiful place with lovely people). There are a lot of great bands on Long Island.

People have said all sorts of things about us, mostly nice things, very complimentary of the sounds we issue forth. We catch the sounds with butterfly nets and upload them onto the internet, you can find them floating around in your computer box if you look around. You can find us in the physical realm, as well.


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