You’ve GOT To Hear This: “Down and Out”

THE TWO'N'EIGHTSDown and Out by The Two’n’Eights

The band The Two’n’Eights from Birmingham formed in 2009 and is made up by the members Jono (Vocals), Dave (Guitars/Vocals), Mano (Bass) and Gaz (Drums). They have supported many bands around the West Midlands yet and gained substantial radio airplay which included BBC Introducing. They also had been invited to Surrey to play a live session on David Durant’s Surrey Unsigned Show. With their “Suicide City” demo EP which was released in April 2012 and a few more wonderful Rock songs in their repertoire they now try to get more well-known in the world through playing shows.

One of my favourite songs by The Two’n’Eights is a song called “Down and Out”, convincing with bouncy guitar sounds and brilliant lyrics.

Concerning the story behind the song, I got this answer from Jon, the singer of the band: “Down and Out is a song about bouncing back from a knock back and stickin two fingers up to the doubters. Everybody has highs and lows but it is how you get through the dark days to see the light… you can do anything you want (within reason) if you want it bad enough… Good things don’t come to those who wait… Good things come to those who go out and earn it… So pull up your socks, dust yourself off if it makes you happy…DO IT… It’s not clever when you’re down and out…”

And if all those words above weren’t enough to get you to listen to the track then take a look at the more than great first few words of the song: “I sold my soul to the devil but he wants his money back…” I guess now you clearly recognise that you’ve got to hear this song!

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