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The Thespians are wonderful people making garage rock mixed with some elements of punk. The four-piece band from Liverpool have a fantastic set of songs, they have released their album Haven’t You Heard in March 2013 through Vinyl Junkie Records in Japan. At the moment, The Thespians are touring the UK but they are ready to conquer the world with amazing songs like Reason To Reason or So So. The new single Adored is going to be released in August and you better not miss it! Lucky as we are, AMBY had the chance of interviewing Paul and Jessie from the band.

AMBY:  Hello The Thespians, what have you been up to?

Paul and Jessie: Hi AMBY!! We’ve been really busy recently. We recently played two festivals in the UK – Sound City in Liverpool and The Great Escape in Brighton where we met the owners of Vinyl Junkie Records for the first time – the label who released our album in March in Japan. We’re off to London on Saturday to play at a festival, and are currently mixing our new EP, ‘Why Do I Like You?’, due for release in July.

AMBY:  How would you describe The Thespians’ sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

Jessie: I suppose it’s garage rock mixed with elements of punk. We were recently labeled as ‘the UK version of The Strokes’ and references get made to bands like The Libertines and Ramones, but were just ourselves really. Everyone seems to hear different things in what we do. That’s a hard question

AMBY:  I really love your album Haven’t You Heard?. Which tracks are you favourites and why?

Jessie: My favourites are So So and Under Siege. I always visualise us opening a massive festival with Under Siege – it’s a crowd pleaser. And So So because when I heard the recording, I thought ‘this is the song that’s going to stick in everyone’s heads… This is our jam!’

Paul: I change my mind all the time. I haven’t really listened to it from start to finish since we recorded it. Push A Button always surprises me with how much energy it has though.

AMBY: Your song The Crash is stellar. What is the story behind it?

Paul: Thank you! My best friend used to write one line in his diary each day. Just one line. He showed me one afternoon and it was clear that he was describing a relationship falling apart, crashing and burning so to speak. The simplicity of his diary impacted upon me. That’s what it’s about.

AMBY: What is your guilty pleasure song?

Jessie: I can’t believe I’m actually about to admit this… But every time ‘Kiss You’ by one direction comes on in the car, I can’t not belt it out… Haha that loses me serious cool points!!

Paul: Nothing I can say will help us recover from what Jessie has just said.

Jessie:… Ok I’ll change it… ‘Saturday Night’ by Whigfield…You can’t argue with that one, its a tune!

Paul: …next question…

AMBY:  What’s the funniest thing to happen to you at a gig?

Paul: Gigs aren’t funny. They are very very serious and should not be a place for humorous activities…

AMBY: If you could create a law that everyone would have to follow, what would it be?

Paul: Stop gigs from being funny.

AMBY:  Which three albums changed your life?

Paul: Our first album. The two albums we haven’t written yet.

Jessie: ‘Parachutes’ by Coldplay. I think it’s the best album ever written. It’s sonically amazing.

‘Stories from the city, stories from the street’ by Pj Harvey, because my dad used to paint with it on full blast, and she is my idol.

And Urban Hyms by The Verve… Because I couldn’t sleep on my own as a kid, and my dad played it in his work room to make me feel like he was up there with me… Glad he did that. If I was 22 , a punk in a band and still couldn’t sleep on my own, I’d be a proper crazy.

Paul: Being serious, can’t really argue with those albums. Definitely Maybe and OK Computer were pretty life changing too.

AMBY:  What has you excited for 2013?

Paul: The pope resigning was exciting. What was he thinking? Who gets given the opportunity of being pope then goes, nah, not for me anymore… I don’t mean that, like i do get it. I’m excited to tour. From even the short amount of time we’ve spent on the road, the freedom of it is incredible. I like the idea of living from a suitcase and not being grounded. For me, that is more real than having a house which you return to each night. I can’t wait to live on the road.

Jessie: I’m excited for traveling too.

AMBY:  If you had to describe each member in the band with one word, which word would define them?

Paul: if I had to describe each band member with one word I would deliberate over that word till the end of time. I’ll let Jessie answer that..she’s a girl..she can make decisions.

Jessie: Paul- indecisive no I’d say the word that best suits Paul is music. As cheesy as that sounds, me and Phill were actually talking about this the other day. If Paul isn’t playing guitar, he’s singing. Or writing. He does nothing that isn’t related to music. His life is music. It’s inspiring. Phill- imagery – he ALWAYS has a camera on him. Or he’s drawing, or painting his basses, or dying his shoes, or making patchwork jackets from old jeans… He’s the most creative person I know.

Paul: Mark- dependable. And by that i mean as a person, emotionally, as a musician, on stage, off stage, creatively. He is just an all round incredibly loyal and dependable person.

Jessie: Yeah mark is the only drummer I have met who is always on time… And in time haha. He does what he says he’s going to do. I’d use the word ‘ninja’ for mark. He’s always there… secretly in the background- if mark had girl hair, it would be like grechen weeners from mean girls- full of secrets

Paul: Jessie- cheesy.

Jessie: WHAT!? Why!?

Paul: you like One Direction…FFS.

AMBY:  What is the best song of the year so far?

Jessie: The Vaccines- bad mood. Without a doubt. It makes me want to break things. I love it.

AMBY:  And last but never least, what’s something about The Thespians that nobody knows?

Jessie: We all met in prison.


Thank you The Thespians, for giving us your answers!

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