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GlocksHello Internet User. We are Glocks, from Manchester, England.

When we started the band, a group of friends and friends of friends, we basically decided that anything would go, that we wouldn’t attempt to hone some sort of particular style, or self-imposed genre. Our music is sometimes (very tenuously) described as alternative rock, or ambient pop. Also, a little bit of desert rock, and surf, though we live near neither. Our first recording – the self-produced, five-track EP “Nicolas Cage” – was released in April, and includes a 40-second surf song named after a pizza, and the track below, Warrior.

We don’t know why it’s called “Nicolas Cage”.

We’re currently vaguely touring the North West of England, playing the Roadhouse, in Manchester, on 1st August.

You can find us on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter at the following addresses –

Facebook // Twitter // BandCamp // Website //



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