Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ San Cisco

San CiscoOne of the first articles I wrote for AMBY was “You’ve GOT To Hear This: Rocket Ship by San Cisco”. That seems like ages ago though and a lot of things have happened since that time. San Cisco, for example, has gone on tour— playing tons of shows and releasing their self-titled record San Cisco. Besides all those events, San Cisco found the time to answer a few questions for us! AMBY talked to the band’s Josh Biondillo about their EP Awkward, song Fred Astaire, and the Australian music scene.

AMBY: Hello San Cisco, thanks for chatting with AMBY! What have you been up to lately?

San Cisco: We are about halfway into our second US tour. Currently driving from Nashville to St Louis.

AMBY:  How would you describe each member of the band with one word?

San Cisco: Jordi – camping, Nick – engine, Scarlett – intergalactic

AMBY:  We love Fred Astaire! What inspired the song?

San Cisco: The song started with an iPhone recording that I sent to Jordi. Then Jordi started dreaming up some words and we all met up and pieced the song together in the shed in my backyard.

AMBY:  Your Awkward EP was released early last year. What are your thoughts on the EP now that you’ve had time to reflect on it?

San Cisco: Well the EP has actually been around for quite some time. Some of the songs date back to the early days of the band. It is really only a year old in the US. But having played the song in the US to US crowds it kind of looks like people here seem to like it.

AMBY:  You recently released your album San Cisco! Which songs off the record are your favourite?

San Cisco: I personally like the song Beach. Just because I feel like it has the most current angle we have been taking for songwriting. The song originally came together in my bedroom when me and Jordi got bored one night and had been listening to the latest beach house album which influenced the song.

AMBY:  Do you feel the Australian music scene differs from North America? And if so, how?

San Cisco: Yah for sure. In Australia especially there is a much stronger indie radio scene. There are a lot of great stations that heavily get behind indie bands and are more than willing to give small unheard of bands a spin. I guess it is similar in the US but because it is so big there are way more stations and they all play different bands so you really have to get your music to the many stations in the US.

 AMBY:  Which San Cisco song is your favourite to play live?

San Cisco:  Depends on which songs the crowd gets in to. Usually it is Fred Astaire or Awkward.

AMBY:  What do you do outside of music for fun?

San Cisco: Not a lot really! I am always chasing down bits and pieces music related. These days it is mostly recording gear and the like.

AMBY:  Change is unavoidable, but what is the one thing about San Cisco that will never change?

San Cisco:  I guess for as long as the band lives. The name San Cisco will never change.

AMBY:  What’s the best song of 2013?

San Cisco: Pretty hard question. The first one that comes to mind is Chloroform by Phoenix. Or maybe a song of the new Daft Punk record. Lose Yourself To Dance.

AMBY:  And lastly, what’s something about San Cisco that nobody knows yet?

San Cisco: We are soon going to be recording some new material.


Thank you San Cisco, for giving us your answers!

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