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Tri-StateWe are Tri-State, an indie rock band from Essex County, New Jersey, USA. Our music reflects the fact that artistically we are more or less stuck in the late 1980s or early 1990s: we love bands like Guided by Voices, Built to Spill, early REM, the Feelies, Pavement, Pixies, Yo La Tengo, Wilco, etc. So we’ve got the the indie rock guitar thing going, with intertwining parts and with, you know, the loudness. We’ve got some nice (we think) harmonies in there. We’ve got driving rhythms and dynamics that’ll make even the most staid indie rock dude nod his head with vigor, and perhaps, if liquored-up enough, even tap his foot. We’ve got some meandering arrangements, which lend our music a “boho/alt” feel. All this is tossed into what are basically pop ditties with lyrics dealing with everything from faux-wooden-sided wagons to kids (we’ve got ‘em, in droves) to the class stratification of suburbia. There’s some angst and alienation thrown in there to boot, just to keep our kinda-punk bona fides in order.

We recorded our debut self-titled EP at the Viewing Room with Scott Anthony manning the boards, in a cozy room overlooking a cemetery. This provided a solemn reminder of our own mortality, which made our songs mega-deep. It was also super-pretty. There was also an old Airstream trailer in view, which was just kind of cool. We’ve played a lot around north Jersey and are organizing a massive worldwide tour in the fall, which may lead us as far as New York and Asbury Park. We hope you like our tunes, and if you are so moved buy ‘em and/or come see us play sometime.

Tri-State (Brady, Jeff, Julian, Mason)


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