You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Affleck”

AffleckAffleck is a three-piece band based in Belfast, Ireland, who released their first, self-titled EP on the 29th of July this year.

Their sound is a little difficult to define, with each track on the EP successfully displaying another side of the band’s potential, blending what is sometimes an almost commercial accessibility (see the chorus vocals of Cat King Lightning) with just the right amount of experimentation to make things interesting (see everything else about Cat King Lightning). For the sake of clarity, we’ll just go with the definition provided on the band’s Facebook page and call them electronic/pop.

One of the things that grabbed my attention during my first few listens of the EP (which I might not have noticed so quickly without the aid of a friend of mine) was that all of the tracks feature lyrics that describe experiences of playing video games, from Anor Londo, a track named after a location in the notoriously difficult Dark Souls that describes a gamer’s exploits in the world of Minecraft, to Lars All Alone, the story of a boy caught in the endless series of mistakes and retries that make up the rather wonderful Hotline Miami (a game comparable to Nicolas Winding Refn’s movie Drive in terms of both soundtrack and brutality).

As someone who plays video games occasionally and has been forced to defend the merits of the medium and its potential for artistic qualities in the past, seeing it provide inspiration for a musical project such as this one is a fantastic experience, even if it does occasionally come with rather vague pseudo-spoilers for the relatively uninitiated gamer.

From dark and haunting ambiance to experimental dissonance, infectious synth melodies and falsetto vocals, this EP has a bit of something for everybody, and has quickly become one of my favorite releases of the year so far.

You can stream the EP and download it for free/pay what you want here.

Keep an eye on the band if you’re interested in seeing where things go from here!

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