You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Horizons”


Horizons by WhiteMoor

The latest album I got was WhiteMoor’s new CD Horizons. Being excited about the songs I put it into my laptop and listened to it immediately. The first track blew me away right after a few seconds. “High Lights” is definitely my favourite song of the whole album and it’s sad that it’s the first one, all the other songs coming behind are not as good as “High Lights” which impresses not only because of the harmonic beautiful instrumental sounds but also because of the stunning and brilliant lyrics.

However, the more often you listen to the complete album the more you’ll like the other songs on it as well. One of the next days for example, I woke up with the hit “On Top Of The World” stuck in my head, which is a totally radio friendly song.

“This Is…”, the last song of the album is also worth being mentioned. It’s a bit calmer and not as loud as the other songs on the CD but it is really beautiful and singer Ben Ryan’s wonderful voice totally stands out on this track.

All in all there is to say that the five members of WhiteMoor have done a great job, working on the album for almost two years was it absolutely worth as it is a good album. They “bring high lights to my life” and I hope they won’t stop bringing new highlights in the future.

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Katrin Kugler

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