Getting Cozy With… Patrick Green!

Patrick GreenHi Readers of A Music Blog, Yea?,

I’m Patrick Green from Manchester, UK.

I create songs of a Alt, Blues, Folk and Lo-Fi nature.

I’m currently inspired by Chad VanGaalen, Daniel Johnston, and Tiny Vipers to name but a few…

On my recordings I play multiple instruments (along with other sound experimentation). When performing I tend to focus on playing the acoustic or electric guitar with the occasional sprinkling of harmonica. What do I sing about…mmm…being human, or alien – that about cover it? One blogger compared my style to that of Bon Ivor – in the homemade sound sense.

Since my last album ‘Melodrama’ (2012) I’m continuing to gig and record with a strong DIY raw ethic. I am open to collaboration and I love all kinds of music…I once sang on a hip hop tune…long story.

It’s awesome to have this opportunity to let you hear my songs and I’d welcome the opportunity to play them live in Canada … ?




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