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the 86'dWe, The 86’d, have a split base, with members currently residing in both Blackpool and Manchester, UK. The band formed as a result of regular practice sessions which first started around February 2012. Back then the meets were between myself, Jon Hunter, my brother Matt, and guitarist Ian Crosby. As a trio we have been good friends for the best part of 20 years, and also have experience of playing together previously.

Our first practice was far from a reunion, although with our arsenal of new songs it certainly felt like the start of a second coming. We ran with these songs and quickly called upon the services of drummer Craig Bunney, again a friend and musician who had been involved with us all previously. Practices soon turned to gigs, and we successfully delivered three shows in late 2012 at various locations in and around Blackpool.

At this point as a band we had not yet settled on a name. The lengthy pub debates were becoming tedious and it was agreed that we would make a formal decision when we had tied up our first demo. Both were rubber stamped May 2013 (Matt got his wish by the way!).

Recently bassist Dan Page has been joining us for practices, and for the remainder of 2013 and thereafter we are excited to be playing as a 5-piece band.

Our music inspirations and tastes are far and wide, but style and character are a big driver in as to who we listen. I guess this goes for everyone right? We ask that you to make your own interpretations as to what you think our sound mirrors. With this in mind we invite you to follow our progress, and take a moment to listen to the songs and videos we have to offer.

Hopefully it puts a smile in your face, and a spring in your step. The 86’d appreciate your support.


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Alicia Atout

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