You’ve GOT to Hear This: “SUUNS”

SUUNSAs the summer slowly starts its transition into autumn, I started to crave the sounds of something different.  Not quite sure what my summer-autumn-shift-soundtrack would be composed off, I started hunting for new music; something out of the ordinary.  Seeking songs in which I could let my mind wander and disappear, I stumbled upon the band Suuns and knew it’d hit the jackpot.  Discovering they were from Montreal, I was even more eager to run through their discography, and I was officially hooked.

Having formed in 2006, Suuns is composed of Ben Shermie, Max Henry, Liam O’Neill and Joseph Yarmush.  Recently releasing their latest album Images Du Futur in March 2013, all ten tracks are definitely worth a listen.  Starting with ‘Powers of Ten’, this track is just short of 3 minutes but does not disappoint; it explodes, reminiscent of an anthem, and sets the platform for what’s to come.   ‘Edie’s Dream’, a personal favourite, builds and builds as layers form an echo-like chant.   Subtly drawing you in, the rest of the album is embedded with transient-tracks, blasting anthems and swaying, dream-like music.  Accelerating rhythms, abstract sounds and quirky lyrics make this a must as the cold breeze rolls in.  The track ‘2020’ is almost haunting, with dragging guitar, whisper-like vocals and repetition, the track feels almost like the soundtrack to a strange but wonderful dream.

Looking for something eerily brilliant? Then You’ve GOT to Hear This!

Nadia Kaakati

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