Getting Cozy With… Get Inuit!

Get InuitHello, we’re Get Inuit.

We are a four piece band from the U.K (Kent to be precise) – and we take great delight in filling  your ears with Dirty Surf music. We’ve all seen the seaside at least once, so it almost comes naturally to us now!

Our names are Jamie, Ollie, Rob and James – but that’s a mere footnote and we won’t trouble your Canadian souls to remember them. However, if you’re to remember anything then make it our two brand new releases “Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated” and “My Oh My”.

Feel free to give them a listen — Feel free to do anything for that matter – It’s a free country! ( Wait, Is Canada a free country? I’ll Wikipedia it shortly…)

Having recently just launched the band, we are currently preparing for a local/national onslaught of gigs this late Autumn.

At this point, everything is new and exciting for us – and with a bit of luck it might be for you as well. We can’t wait to show you all just what we can do.

Take care beautiful people!


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