“Seattle Yacht Club” Play AMBY A Song

SYC Banner SOTDFrom the day we first met Seattle Yacht Club, it was easy to see that Tom and Denis always have excitement and charm beaming from them. We love working with these two because they make every part of a feature enjoyable and fun, and the end product is always an incredible thing as they put their passion for music in their work.

Take this Play AMBY A Song, for example; the harmonies are beautiful and lush, they deliver an unforgettable melody,  and that chorus is infectious!

Plus, on top of that, they are playing Fall Deep up high in a tree. What more could you want? We’ve fallen deeply in love with their music and know you will, too. This is extremely creative duo and if you’ve yet to hear them I suggest you dig in and press that play button!

Seattle Yacht Club- Fall Deep

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Alicia Atout

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