Getting Cozy With… House of Laurence!

House of LaurenceHello. Hi. I’m Christopher Laurence from Melbourne, Australia – writer, guitarist & vocalist for House of Laurence. After harpooning the best musicians I could find through the calve and dragging them into the studio, we’ve brought to life some kind of psychedelic musical octopus which resides at the bottom of a rainwater filled art deco ashtray.

With an EP under the belt and a fresh new single being produced by Jean-Paul Fung (Snakadaktal, Last Dinosaurs, Theophilus London) and are looking at a release date backed up by a national tour towards the end of the year. Oh.. and we’re playing a show with The Mohawk Lodge in a few weeks.. they’re Canadian eh?

With humbling comparisons to bands like Pink Floyd, we consider our sound to be a  indulgent psych blues rock kind of thing but pigeonholing really isn’t a concern. I’d prefer to think of our music as an extension of our collective personalities that’ve been jammed into a blender and mixed with a dash of red cordial and unicorn hoof clippings which has then been plugged into a ’64 Fender Bassman sitting at the bottom of a pool sized milkshake cup with gain set to ’11’.

With that said, enjoy the aural trip that is House of Laurence.

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