Lyric of the Day: “Nine”

La DisputeNine by La Dispute

“We never knew the difference between the feeling and the sound…”

Riddled with lines written with more precision than the cut of an experienced painter, ‘Nine’ nominates itself to be one of the most lyrically poetic songs La Dispute has created. Choosing between lines is like choosing a favorite pet when you have 15 adorable golden retrievers fighting for your affection. Ultimately, the puppy that you understand best – the one that had been there for all the good times and all the bad – is the one that leaves a permanent mark and stands out you. La Dispute addresses one of the greatest musical conundrums ever thought of. Why do you listen to music? Why do you go to concerts? Why did you leave that album on repeat for the whole day? Why do you write music? Of course the reason has to be the resonant echo of glorious harmonies and melodies intertwining to create a masterpiece, right? Sure, but that resonant echo is not the same when your home alone in headphones and when you’re in a crowded basement full of sweaty teenagers listening to something none of you have heard of, sharing a smile that none of you understand. This line is about the way the music hits you, holds you, and embraces you. This line is about the listener, every single one, who’s trapped themselves in a world of feelings. This line is about the knob that controls the volume on your speakers, and its ability to control a lot more than just the sound.

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