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Two in One Review // Joseph Hicklin // The Yardbird & The Tamworth Music Festival

Birmingham is a city where music is a big aspect. Therefore there are many bands, musicians and quite a lot of nice and brilliant venues. One of those lovely venues for an acoustic gig is the Yardbird Jazz Club, or short The Yardbird. Empty golden bird cages hanging from the ceiling, a small stage which gets covered in red light by old living room lamps and candles on every table make it a wonderful little venue, perfect for great acoustic sets. So if you ever end up being in Birmingham then be sure to visit the Yardbird, all their shows are free entry shows and it’s worth going there.

About a week ago, Joseph Hicklin, a friend of mine, was playing at the Yardbird. No matter how tired he was he was ready to enchant the audience with his amazing voice and his resonator guitar and that’s exactly what he did. At one point Joseph even mentioned me and played his song Berlin especially for me as I originally am from Germany. Nevertheless it was sad that a few people didn’t really want to listen to his songs but party instead and therefore were talking very loud during the gig, although I have to admit that maybe with a nice calm drumbeat Joseph’s songs would be even more moving but he is still at the beginning of a promising career and I strongly believe that there is still a lot more to get out of him with and I hope he soon can realise his plans and will get a good label contract on top.

However, not only Birmingham is a great city for music, also the countryside areas are always good for a musical delight as I could experience the day before the Yardbird concert when Joseph Hicklin was playing at the Tamworth Music Festival on the castle grounds in Tamworth. A huge green area and a small castle on a hill are a perfect location for a festival and the echoes from the big stage were heard throughout the whole town. Next to the big stage though, there was a small acoustic stage in a tent.

Joseph played a slightly different and shorter set than at the Yardbird but was as stunning as always. Right from his first song everyone turned silent. His voice is just amazing and very powerful, it will carry you away from life and the only thing you can do is listening to it. Immediately I forgot the world around me and if I hadn’t got goose bumps from the cold wind that was blowing through the castle grounds then I would have gotten them because of Joseph.

It doesn’t matter whether he covers “House of the Rising Sun” or plays his own tracks, “New York City” for example. It doesn’t matter if he plays in front of ten people or in front of a few hundred. Joseph Hicklin will impress you every time you hear him play and you better don’t forget his name. Thank you for your music Joseph.

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