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AuklandMississauga, a suburb of Toronto, has had a stagnant music scene of late not producing the successful bands that it used to create such as Billy Talent, IllScarlet, and Death From Above 1979. In the past few years one band that has really stepped up to the plate was Seam, an Indie Pop four piece that has lit up the scene with jangly guitars and charismatic vocals. Although the band gained much success in such short time, they decided that a re-brand was needed. It is quite a hard task for successful bands to re-brand themselves and gain more success than their previous selves. Although New Order, DIIV, and U2 have successfully switched names there are many more bands who have been lost after a re-brand. Seam changed their name to Aukland and with this, launched a successful string of shows that have been giving the band more and more devout followers. I decided to find out why the boys in Seam decided to shed their name, among other things. Here’s the interview that took place with the boys in Aukland.

AMBY: You played a mini-tour as Seam to celebrate the band. How was the tour and at the time did you know that you would still be together after that last show?

Aukland: First off, the mini tour was amazing, some of the best times Seam has ever seen in it’s almost 4 year history. We had a couple fans come out from the start of Seam all the way to fans that we literally just met that had no business coming to watch us play one last time. We even had a fan come from Sudbury, a couple from Hamilton, and even a few Mississauga fans that came out to both our home turf Mississauga show and our Toronto date.

Did we know we would still be together after that last show is a tough one to answer.  We all had an idea we would be playing together again but to actually do it and launch a brand new band is a difficult task that often goes unnoted. We knew it would happen eventually, we just needed to come to terms with what we wanted sonically, visually, and emotionally.

AMBY: Seam was gaining lots of fans and success especially within the GTA so why did you choose to shed the title of Seam and become Aukland?

Aukland: In the simplest of terms, Seam was a band for way too long. In our four year history we replaced two of the four original members and at the end of the day it was not the same Seam that practiced in the exact same basement in back in 2010. Thing’s were different sound wise, friendship wise, and even the way that we worked together was just totally different.

We understood we did have the ball rolling especially in the GTA, but it was time to take a new route with what we were doing since we felt almost as if the barriers of Seam couldn’t go any farther. We debated, argued, and even didn’t talk to one another for days but we decided it was best to start over and do what no band in our scene has done; take a band that was on the right path up the mountain, go all the way back down and start on the opposite side.

AMBY: What sort of reception did you expect from your first show at Lee’s Palace?

Aukland: Once we launched Aukland as the official band ‘formally known as Seam’ we literally didn’t know what to expect. We know that time was a huge factor because our last show as Seam and our first show as Aukland was a mere 8 days apart. We don’t even know how we managed to officially launch Aukland in a Tim Hortons on a Monday, and play to over a hundred people in Lee’s Palace on the Saturday.

AMBY: Will there be a different approach to writing and playing live this time around?

Aukland: Yes indeed. Writing is now more mutual amongst the band and some days we’ll find ourselves writing what we call ‘bangers’ in just a couple of hours during practice because we’ll all kick in our ‘2 cents’ at once. We also realized that since we all share the same common interests in our social lives we are usually with one another when something cool to write about happens.

AMBY: As a band what are some goals that you aim to achieve that you couldn’t with Seam?

Aukland: A huge thing for us is to play to as many new people as possible; so one thing we really want to try is touring.  We’ve been talking about going out east and doing acoustic day shows, and electric sets during the night.  Sean and Andrew are going to England to perform a couple acoustic shows, maybe get a buzz going around so that the full band could eventually end up playing there.  We’re also striving to be better musicians, listeners, and as cliché as it sounds, people.

AMBY: This time around it seems as though you already have quite a solid fanbase before playing your first show. Is there more pressure with Aukland now that people are expecting good things?

Aukland: Yes and no. Part of starting a new project left us with the uncertainty of ‘What if people don’t like our new music, and in turn our new band?’  But a time comes when you just have to say fuck it, and do what you feel is right.  The pressure has been good because it’s pushed us to practice for days straight, forced us to sit at a computer for hours on end, and encouraged us to do what we love for as long as we can.

AMBY: What’s the best song of 2013?

Aukland: With four of us coming from very unique musical backgrounds, it’s super hard to write just a single song down. Anything by Kings of Leon, to Foals, over to Passion Pit, even to Protest the Hero will float our boats. However we will say that to never play Vampire Weekend around us, unless of course you want us all to sing along.

AMBY: What’s something about Aukland nobody knows yet?

Aukland: Everybody in the band has their own catch phrase.


Thank you Aukland, for giving us your answers!

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