Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Lime Cordiale

Lime CordialeWe spoke to Oliver Leimbach of Australian band Lime Cordiale about their upcoming EP, their mysterious old tracks and the secrets behind their craziness. Thanks Oli for giving us your answers!

AMBY: Hey Oli! Thanks for doing this interview with AMBY! You’re probably getting a lot of similar questions about your upcoming EP, but what’s up next for the band? Is another EP heading our way or is an album in the works?

Lime Cordiale: We haven’t really got to the stage of thinking about it. At the moment we’re just writing songs to put on whatever type of CD. It also depends on how well this EP does.

AMBY: I saw you guys at The Standard for your Bullshit Aside tour; it got to the point where half the audience filled up the stage to your last song, What Don’t You Like About Me. It was a terrific show! Was that the first time an audience has really gotten into the music in such a way? Has the rest of the tour been like that at all?

Lime Cordiale: We started off like that. The first few shows we ever did was at a small little bar. We’d pack 200 people in this place that could only fit 50 or so. That used to get pretty wild. Then we pretty much just transferred those people to a proper venue.

AMBY: You were classically trained in music, but Lime Cordiale seems to encompass a mix of genres and styles. If you had to describe your music visually to a deaf person, how would you describe it?

Lime Cordiale: Probably with one of Louis’ paintings. It’s hard to really see what’s going on. They’re always changing and developing.

AMBY: What is it like working with your brother? Do you have similar ideas or do they differ?

Lime Cordiale: We go in and out, on and off each other. It’s pretty amazing how well we work together considering how much we used to fight as kids. We do have some pretty different ideas but then we glue them together and I guess that’s what makes our style what it is.

AMBY: You have a huge collection of older music on YouTube, and I’ve heard many people express their love for your old material and wish that you would perform them. Can we hope to see these in future, or are they firmly planted in the past?

Lime Cordiale: I dunno, that’s a hard one. I really like some of those tracks. You’ll have to convince James, our drummer, that they’re good. He only likes playing new stuff.

AMBY: You’ve developed a large following on Twitter and some international fans. Are there any plans for touring anywhere outside of Australia?

Lime Cordiale: Yeah man! We were supposed to go to NY this October. But we ended up scoring another tour here and kinda couldn’t afford it anyway. The US is our next stop and I hope to be there asap.

AMBY: If you had to describe each of Lime Cordiale’s members in one word, what words would define them?

Lime Cordiale: Louis, sleepy. Tim, brainy. James, angsty. Brendan, pretty.

AMBY: Lime Cordiale is probably nothing like lime cordial — if the band was a drink or mixture of drinks, what would they be and how would you be served?

Lime Cordiale: SUPPOSEDLY… James had a drink named after him at The Soda Factory in Sydney. It’s called The Gin Jennings. I reckon it’s just a coincidence but I’ll let him have it.

AMBY: And last but not least, what is something about Lime Cordiale that nobody else knows?

Lime Cordiale: I have an alcohol stealing problem. I can’t go to a bar without trying to nick a bottle of booze.

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