Getting Cozy With… Sensorites!

SensoritesHello ‘a music blog yea’ and you (yeah you) reading this!

We are Sensorites from Liverpool UK where we record in our studio by the docks ‘the batcave’.

Rather than boring you with an endless list of bands and genres from our eclectic influences just come and check us out!

Say hello on twitter, facebook, or whatever social media is your weapon of choice.

We’ve released four singles so far, you can download them here – – it’s ‘name your price’ so if you’re broke then take them for free.

We’ve toured the UK plenty, recently supporting ‘The Parlour Flames’ (featuring Bonehead from Oasis) on their UK tour. We can’t wait to tour the rest of the world (especially Canada of course).

See you soon!



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Alicia Atout

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