Getting Cozy With… Paper City!

Paper CityHello to our Northern Neighbors!  Let me tell you a little about who we are…

Paper City is Marisa Predisik (guitar/vocals), Ben Swenson (bass), and Shelby Prendergast (drums); just three friends hashing out beach pop tunes in Orange County, CA.  We love getting together to practice, because it’s always more like hanging out with a purpose, rather than just grinding away.  I think our fun spirit transfers over to our songs: light and breezy with a sense of humor.  Listening to music is one of our favorite pastimes, and we each have different influences that make our sound.  I (Marisa) write all the songs, and spend a lot of time listening to anything from the 60’s.  While I was writing our new record, “Summer of Love”, I delved into a lot of hook-heavy tunes from ’62 to ’64, including obsessions with tracks from France Gall, The Beatles, and The Kinks.  We plan on taking this album on tour soon–if we’re going as far north as Washington, we may as well stop in CANADA!  It’d be great to see some of you in “real life” at a show!  WOO-HOO!!

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