Getting Cozy With… The Rubys!

The RubysGreetings & Salutations to readers of ‘A Music Blog Yea’ and the Coolest Cats in the Commonwealth; we just want to Get Cozy with you…..

Here’s ‘The Rubys’ in five easy-to-remember, cut-out-n’-keep bullets;

  • We are an Indie Rock band from the UK Capital of great Indie music, Manchester.
  • We are influenced by Punk, Indie, The Smiths, early U2, Johnny Cash, QOTSA, and lovers of great music.
  • Our songs are never in the obvious sense; if its love, its a twisted, dark, dangerous love. Think Depeche Mode singing lullabies.
  • Three singles and one album in (“Limelight Parasite”), we are finally making in-roads into the US and Canada; we play our debut US shows this September.
  • Our new single, “Sell the Sun at Once” is released on July 11, produced by Dean Glover (“Skeleton Suite”) and the legendary Martin Coogan (The Mock Turtles).

“What else?”, I hear you say?

Lee Hunter, our lead singer, writes all of the lyrics. Obsessiveness/darkness/naked ambition- models own.

The songs are written by The Rubys. No surprise there, then.

We have been called “The Gemstones of Manchester”, and likened to your favourite early Indie bands.

We believe in music being greater than the sum of its parts; we’ve supported causes in the UK and we have every intention of doing so again in the US and Canada.

We hope you like us. We are The Rubys, and we’d like to get to know you better.


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Alicia Atout

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