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The Royal Concept
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The Royal Concept are releasing their debut album full of a “firework of melodies and sounds” later this year. The Stockholm quartet already have a brilliant EP and new single On Our Way under their belt. Lucky for us, The Royal Concept’s vocalist David Larson took time out of his busy schedule while in Tokyo to have a chat with AMBY. Dig in as we talk about future covers, favourite lyrics, their upcoming full-length record, and prostitution visas.

AMBY: Hello The Royal Concept, thanks for talking to AMBY! How’s the band doing?

The Royal Concept: We’re feeling fantastic. Just went from a festival in Spain to a festival in Tokyo where we’re writing this interview. This summer has really been amazing. Great shows and we’ve seen a lot of new parts of the world. And no canceled shows yet, we hate canceling shows! We’ve done it twice in our lives and hope that we never have to do it again.

AMBY: The Royal Concept EP was released last year. Which songs off of it are your favorite?

The Royal Concept: We’re very fond of two tracks: “Goldrushed” and “In the end”.  In the end is still our indie-arena-anthem and Goldrushed captures that silly “we don’t care-vibe” that we’re childishly fond of. It’s The Strokes fault.

AMBY: Your first full-length record will be released later this year! What can fans expect to hear from the album?

The Royal Concept: This album is a firework of melodies and sounds where we haven’t held anything back.  Bigger words and bigger melodies than before. With the EP we kind of held some emotions back cause we wanted it to be very conceptual and have a certain sound and vibe to it. We wrote many songs that we back then felt didn’t fit but after a year of constant touring we’ve, thanks to the crowd, developed. Some people don’t like fireworks though, they might say that a firework will disturb the peaceful animals in the forest. But we couldn’t care about that, we went all in and can’t wait to show it to you guys. And we couldn’t be more excited to play our new songs live for you this fall!

AMBY: On Our Way is a contagious track. What’s the inspiration behind “we are young, we are one, let us shine for what it’s worth”?

The Royal Concept: It basically means that the spontaneous and unexpected will always win and it’s a worship to all people that dare to be different. We wrote On our Way after a night of clubbing at a hip, exclusive place in Stockholm called “The Prison”. You know, that kind of place where no one dares to be themselves. A place where people are so satisfied with just getting in and feeling exclusive that they forget to enjoy life more than they enjoy wearing expensive clothes. I feel terrible at a place like that, it’s really a prison. I’d rather wake up in the gutter the morning after than spend a night with knowing exactly what’s gonna happen. It’s the same with playing live. We’d much rather throw ourselves out there with the chance of falling heavily, than play it safe after a click track. The song is about leaving a place like “the Prison” for a person that you care so much more about.

AMBY: Which The Royal Concept lyric is your favorite?

The Royal Concept: “I get all terrified whenever our worlds collide”. It’s from our song “In the End” and Filip wrote it. I think it catches the whole scenario of the song in one sentence and I love that it takes you right into it without any build up.

AMBY: The band did an excellent cover of Daft Punk’s track Digital Love. Are there any plans for future covers?

The Royal Concept: Thank you! We do covers like that all the time but it takes time to record them. When we were in St Louis we heard that it was Chuck Berry’s 80th birthday so we played a few of his songs. We actually went down to play covers in the alps at a after ski place a few months ago. One of our tours got cancelled and we had nothing else to do so we figured that could be cool. People requested songs and we played them. That’s how we came up with Digital Love for example, someone requested it. On Facebook though, but still.

AMBY: If you could invite three people to dinner who would you choose?

The Royal Concept: Edward Snowden cause I’d like to know what it feels like to be the most wanted man on earth. George RR Martin who wrote Game of Thrones. How the hell could he write that Red Wedding? Apart from that he seems to be a really funny guy with huge fantasy. That kind of nerd that I love to hang out with. Lena Dunham cause we have a song called “girls girls girls” that I think would be a perfect theme song for the next season of her series “Girls”. I’d like to pitch it in person. And she’s extremely talented and I would love to talk film with her.

AMBY: What are the top three live shows you’ve seen in your life?

The Royal Concept: Bruce Springsteen. It’s not always my kind of music but the way he took 65.000 people was absolutely stunning and pure magic. Del McCoury. Saw him and his band at a small bar in Nashville. Very unexpected, I’m not a country boy but I’ve never felt so happy in my entire life. Prince – Left nothing more to wish for.

AMBY: Which bands or artists have you been listening to lately?

The Royal Concept: Haim – Awesome band! White Denim – Stoner rock at its best. Kendrick Lamar – great storyteller. Like watching a movie.

AMBY: What’s the best song of 2013?

The Royal Concept: Pusher Love Girl – Justin Timberlake

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about The Royal Concept that nobody knows yet?

The Royal Concept: Recently, we played in Lebanon on/with “prostitution visas”. I think it was cheaper than artist visas or something, but the guy at the customs office looked at us really strangely.


Thank you The Royal Concept, for giving us your answers!

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