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Totem TerrorsHi Guys n Gals,

We’re Rosie and Max, and our band is called Totem Terrors. We’re officially from Cardiff in Wales in the UK, though Rosie spends a lot of her time in Brighton, too.

There are only two of us, but we have a drum machine who is the band’s third member. We used to have human drummers with accidentally interesting backstories. One was an opera singer and an accountant to the stars, another was a childhood billboard model. There’s just the two of us now though, which is good because we can fit into a small car.

People who have written about our music have said it is ‘cool, sleek and brainy’ with ‘offbeat weirdo humour’ and someone even described us as ‘happy boy & girl post-punk for aloof indie kids to screw to’. You can decide for yourselves though.

We self-released our debut album ‘Repeat Play Torrent Rar’ on our own Diet Pops record label earlier this year. We put it out on white vinyl and used a kickstarter campaign to raise the money for the pressing. The whole thing was great; we got to screen-print t-shirts and tote bags in Max’s hallway using an ironing board and home-made screens, and then the test-pressings came and they were great, and then the finished albums came and they were even better. It’s limited edition, but we still have some copies for sale. Try and get one off us at a gig if you can, because we like to meet people, but if you order one over the internet we’ll try to write you a little note or something to say hi anyway.

Recently, we’ve been sporadically gigging whilst subconsciously writing the next album. Hopefully, it’ll be out by February. Maybe sooner.

Hope to see you soon. If you’ve got floor space for us to stay on and can help arrange a gig that will cover our airfare, we’ll come and play for you anytime.

R&M x TT


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