Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Kill Chaos

Kill ChaosSheffield/Mansfield/Nottingham trio Kill Chaos are delivering killer single after killer single. The band are currently in the process of mastering their debut album PromisesPromises. In anticipation for its release in November, AMBY caught up with Kill Chaos to talk about losing cool points, their wicked video for Boy Done Good, and upcoming releases!

AMBY: Hello Kill Chaos, what’s the band been up to lately?

Kill Chaos: Hi! Well we’ve pretty much been committed to recording our album Promises Promises, which is slated for release in mid November. I think every band has periods of public activity and inactivity but we’ve found the time away so reinvigorating. We’ve reappraised our priorities and what we want from our band and have found a new lease of life, as a result we’ve never been so focused or excited by music. We’re already writing new songs for our next album and we’ve got a bunch of shows booked in for the latter part of the year. We’ve also found time to make a video with Trace Me Inc for Boy Done Good.

AMBY: How would you describe each band member with one word?

Kill Chaos: Erm, without swearing? Gav – the thinker, Tom – the stupidity, Me – the doer.

AMBY: How did Kill Chaos come to be?

Kill Chaos: Me and Gav used to be in another band together (in fact it’s our 10 year anniversary this year). The constant touring kind of broke our drummer at the time and we were too stupid and stubborn to give up….we always said that we’d quit on our terms and no-one elses. So we formed a new band with the intention of being a little more spiky and alternative, whilst still being ‘rock’. A few drummers later and we’ve really settled down nicely.

AMBY: Boy Done Good is a wicked song and the video is crazy! What was the inspiration behind the video?

Kill Chaos: We entered into a Sheffield Film Makers Society initiative called #2weeks2makeit which randomly puts 15 bands with 15 directors and gives you 2 weeks to make a video from scratch. From a musicians perspective, it works really well, as it gives you a video at the end of 2 weeks and without the initiative it’d probably take more like 2 years to even think about it! We were teamed with Jason Waterz from TraceMeInc and we’re dead pleased with the results. It put a much darker spin on the song than we had imagined but I reckon it really works. We’re going to be shooting our next couple of singles with him. The whole process was really easy from start to finish and our two worlds of urban/rap and rock worked really well together and we’ve formed some good friendships there.

AMBY: Which Kill Chaos lyric is your favourite?

Kill Chaos: Erm, this is always a difficult one as I’m always wanting to change everything once I’ve heard it back and this is like ‘look what a great writer I am!’. I’d have to say either ‘let the fucking h8ters learn to spell’ from Crush – our forthsoming single – or I quite like the lyrics to Company of One as they mean a lot to me right now. I think all you can do is write from the heart and if people get the lyrics then great but hopefully they at least get that they mean something to you.

AMBY: Your single Satellites is great. What’s the track about?

Kill Chaos: It’s about the loss of a friendship. The fact that you think you’ve formed a real bond with someone and as it turns out you’ve been kept at a distance and really only been orbiting around their lives like a satellite.

AMBY: What’s the story behind the name Kill Chaos?

Kill Chaos: In a  previous musical life me and Gav were due to go on tour with US punk band AMEN. The tour didn’t happen. We lost a lot of money and I lost my job over it. That’s all I’m saying.

AMBY: We’re really enjoying the singles, so are there any plans to record an album?

Kill Chaos: Yeah, we’re just in the processes of mastering the album at the moment. We’re expecting to release it mid November and there will be a tour in December to support it. It’s going to be called PromisesPromises.

AMBY: What’s the funniest thing to happen to you at a gig?

Kill Chaos: KC have been pretty lucky and our gigs have been pretty smooth so far. Which, frankly, I’m very happy about! I remember playing our first show with our new drummer at the time in London. It was for Lexapalooza Festival – a breast cancer awareness fundraiser, which is close to my heart – and Gav has bust his arm playing football, and still played, which I think gave him +10 cool points. Our drummer then bust the skin on his snare in the first song…which did wonders for our nerves! In a previous life, we played in a small town pub, I think it was the Broken Wheel in Retford. They told us to stay the night and help ourselves to the booze. That was a very messy night, one of the audience woke up in a police cell.

AMBY: What’s the best song of 2013?

Kill Chaos: I suppose this is where I admit my love for cheesy well written pop like Taylor Swift We Are Never Getting Back Together? -10 cool points to me! In the rock world, I’m loving Hey Hello! In there like swimwear.

Ginger Wildheart is changing the way music exists. Fan funded, direct to artist. Amazing. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Kill Chaos that nobody knows yet?

Kill Chaos: Erm, Tom (our drummer) used to be a pro kiteboarder. That’s a good fact isn’t it? Is it?


Thank you Kill Chaos, for giving us your answers!

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